Our New Site Design is rich with Articles and Real Life Cases with life-giving wisdom to encourage you – no matter where you are in your marriage – Even if you are not yet married, you will be challenged and blessed by the resources you will find here.

We have helped people work through the issues of badly damaged marriages, even when neither really wanted help. Whether you are the only one, who wants to save your marriage, or the spouse who thinks the marriage was a mistake from the beginning and you just want out, the truths contained in this site can change your life. 

Your marriage is working perfectly to bring about God’s purpose in both of your lives. Sadly the two of you can completely miss what God is doing, and fail to obtain the benefit for the rest of your life!  Your marriage can be reconciled. It can be become better than either of you ever hoped.

In two thirds of the marriages we have helped to transform, only one spouse initially came for help, and in half of those marriages, we never met the other spouse. The spouse we did counsel was not frustrated or in agonizing pain because, they were the only one trying to get help.        

It does not matter how mature you were in your faith, or how fruitful you were in the lives of others, when you were single. Once you got married, eventually both of you were going to experience what the apostle Paul called “trouble after the flesh.”  

That is when you discover the truth all spouses have to face. Admit it! Before you got married you were not nearly the person you should have been in Christ to successfully bear with, forgive, love, and sanctify the person you were to marry - and neither were they.

In marriage once either of you gets “in the flesh – i.e., your old nature,” your deepest fears and hurts are going to surface, and your highest ideals and worst traits are going to begin to get frustrated. The result may be terrible pain, despair, double mindedness, fear hopelessness, loneliness, mistrust, numbness or pain, etc. Above all, you will face your own spiritual powerlessness to change any of it. 

But, In spite of the pain, be careful to hear this and make no mistake about it. Your marriage is "working" according to God's wisdom, but neither of you have known how to cooperate with what God is doing. Discover that and His purposes can be accomplished in less time, and both of you can be transformed to live the fruitful life that He wants to give you.

Your Marriage Can Be Reconciled!

We strongly suggest that our new clients listen to Transformation Part 1, 2 and 3.
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